Hi there! Thank you for stopping by! I founded Boho Bliss in 2016, when after working full time outside the home for 13 years I was presented the opportunity to leave the workplace, and spend more time investing into the lives of my children. Over the years I began switching out the chemical & commercially produced products in our home, and found that making soap was my zen…who knew! I made soap for our family and they gave it to friends, and then friends of friends wanted some, and then one day someone said, “You know people would pay for this right?!” I decided to make some to help out a friend who was adopting, and immediately knew that I could use business as a way to give back. I believe that charities are much needed and very beneficial, but I also believe the marketplace can be used as a tool to make a difference and empower others. Thank you for considering to help me make a difference!

Blessings, Katy Shelby